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5th Generation Homesteader Reveals:
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You’ll get a healthier, more bountiful harvest every year with less work and less time
  • Become self-reliant 
  • Live in harmony with nature
  • Create a healthy lifestyle
  • ​Fast track your homesteading education
  • ​Discover old-timey skills like canning, foraging, fermenting, herbal remedies, wild-crafting, food preservation, permaculture, animal husbandry, cast iron cooking… 
  • ​... And so much more!
Forget Any Overwhelm Or Confusion About Homesteading…
This Is The Internet’s ONLY Complete Resource For Helping Women Become Empowered To Start & Run Their Own Homestead!
Even if you’re feeling frustrated… overwhelmed… have some
knowledge and want to learn more… OR you’re totally clueless about where to start… Everything you need to be a successful homesteader is NOW simplified & in one place. It’s like having Grandma’s wealth of knowledge at your fingertips in one awesome supportive community!

You'll be able to truly MASTER homesteading and be ready for anything! No chemicals, GMOs or unhealthy nonsense…just pure partnering with Mother Earth as you create your very own SUSTAINABLE OASIS.  
My husband, 3 children & I recently purchased a large tract of land on a Montana mountain top. Moving from the California coast to start a self-sufficient ranch and going from the ocean to 8200ft was daunting to say the least. I was more than a little nervous!

But then we met Jesscy. Her spark for life & knowledge of all things homesteading gave me hope that we were actually going to be able to turn our mountain into our dream. She has visited countless times during the last year to teach us everything she knows... and that's a lot!

We now know how to identify and use many of the native herbal plants on our land & how to naturally get rid of the ones that are invasive and harmful to our livestock. Our livestock! We have a herd of Churro Sheep that we used for fibre and milk, some cattle & lots of poultry that she's educated us on.

We've learned all about our bees from her & have created a fabulous food forest. Not to mention all of the countless meals she's prepared for us using as much locally sourced and gorgeously wild ingredients as possible. She even helped my husband get his first bull elk!

We could NOT do our homestead without her!

Sharon LaDuke
16 Mile, Montana
Hey Homesteaders!

My name is Leif Orin and I want to sing Jesscy's praises from the roof tops! She's one smart cookie when it comes to old-fashion living and self-sufficency.

I've known Jesscy since we were kids and she's always been a badass. I remember her running a chain saw when she was probably 10 years old. Ha! Even back then she was always baking delicious bread, picking wild foods and running around barefoot. As long as I've known her, she's been connected to the earth and passionate about clean living, animal husbandry and has had a deep compassion for Mother Earth.

She knows all about how to grow a great garden, build a sweet sauna or hunt and process her own wild game. From the time we were young to the present day, I've been confident that if I needed some guidance on how to grow crop, cook a meal in a cast iron pot over an open flame or learn about native plants... she's my girl!

I can't think of a single thing she can't do around the homestead. Not only that, but she's a fantastic teacher, has a great sense of humor and really loves to keep the flame of ancient knowledge burning. Authentic is the word that comes to mind when I think about Jess. Do yourself a favor and get to know her. You'll thank me!

Leif Orin
Bozeman, MT
Jess is the best wildcrafter/homesteader I have ever crossed paths with, and I live in MT so...

She always blesses me with amazing wilfcrafted, home grown, locally sourced deliciousness. Her fermenting and gardening are on point in yield and flavor. Her chickens are the happiest, her land is utilized to the ufllest of her strength, her arms are open wide and her knowledge bank is vast. She walks her talk with a smile on her face and a tune on the air. I highly recommend her, you will walk away wiser and blessed.

Laurel Lawerence
Billings, Montana
Howdy… Jesscy Dean here (5th generation homesteader)
If you’d like to start your own thriving homestead and get access to all the skills you will ever need on homesteading, permaculture and self-sufficiency… this is going to be the most exciting message you've ever read. 

This page will give you EVERYTHING you need to live a healthy, homegrown lifestyle from start to finish. You’ll find all the information you need to run a thriving homestead and enrich the lives of you and your family in ONE place.

You’re about to get access to a homesteading community where you will get all your questions answered and gather a better harvest every year with less work and less time.
A little about me… and how I can help you start and run a thriving homestead to support you and your family…
My name is Jess.

I was fortunate to be born under the Big Sky as a fourth-generation Montanan. 

People often ask me, ‘How on earth do you know how to do everything that you do!?’ My answer is simple – my mama.

My mama taught me EVERYTHING I know about homesteading.

She taught me how to run a chainsaw & how to identify & preserve the abundance of the mountains & prairies. 

She taught me how to be tough and self-sufficient. How to be one with nature and create harmonies relationships with the land and animals. 

But of everything she shared with me, my favorite is that she showed me how to spread my gifts to others. How to give & be generous. 

I come from a long line of homesteaders, 5 generations in fact. 

And my father was a Native American… the original homesteaders!  

In the last few years, my husband and I have created multiple homesteads for ourselves and other folks. 

And we’ve been very successful at it. 
90% of our food today comes from the work of our own hands.
As you can tell, my homesteading roots run deep. 

I love making food that incorporate Mother Earth’s gifts & sharing nourishing meals with friends.

We are deeply committed to self-sufficiency, caring for the earth and living a healthy lifestyle based on the bounty of nature. 

It’s our commitment to help like-minded folks to do the same. We know you'll enjoy being a part of the tribe! 
Here’s just some of what you will learn inside
The Homesteading Mastery Community...

How To Grow Your Own Fruit & Vegetables

Raise your own organic vegetables and fruits no matter where you live… for better health, flavor, and to save money.

How to Create & Maintain Biodiverse, LIVING SOIL

No matter what you're starting out with, you can build beautiful, living, thriving soil as the necessary base to grow your crops. Good soil health is a critical key to a thriving environment. You cannot miss this step! Take care of the land & she'll take care of you! 

How to Raise Livestock The Right Way

Gather organic and pasture raised eggs from your hens. Raise poultry, sheep, pigs, and cattle for meat, milk & fiber. Create more self-sufficiency and good stewardship. 

Food Preservation Knowledge

Preserve your food for year round enjoyment & nourishment. 

Ethical Wild-Crafting & Foraging

Forage and wild-craft the bounty of Mother Earth for food & medicine. 

Your complete course for food storage, health and year-round eating without the hefty price tag

Cast Iron & Outdoor Cooking Knowledge

Use cast iron indoors and outdoors to prepare all your meals. 
Who needs these quick and easy secrets critical to growing a thriving homestead?
  • Are you looking to be more self-sufficient?
  • ​Are you looking to learn ancient, invaluable knowledge you can pass on to future generations?
  • ​Would you like to be able to provide your own food in times of world crisis? 
  • ​Do you want to save time & money setting up and running your very own homestead?
  • ​Are you motivated to grow your own organic foods - free from GMOs and harmful ingredients?
  • ​Do you want to be in alignment with nature?
  • ​Do you want to start your own homestead with the minimum amount of time, trial and error?
  • ​Do want the fastest and easiest strategies to a bountiful homestead… WITHOUT reinventing the wheel?
  • ​Are you looking for a supportive community where you can get all your questions answers by a tribe of season homesteading pros?
If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re in the right place.
The Homesteading Mastery community is the perfect home for…
Busy Folks
Who are strapped for time and don't want to make costly mistakes building their homestead.

Parents and Grandparents
Who want to make sure children learn these valuable skillsets and traditions that are in danger of being lost.

Modern Homesteaders
Who want to create a self-sufficient home and food system that's not dependent on stores and big agriculture. 

Simple Life Enthusiasts
Who feel like the world is moving too fast and shifting away from things that really matter. Get back to basics with a supportive community that feels the same way.

Permaculture Fanatics
Who want to close the circle & enjoy symbiotic relationships in their home and lifestyle, truly emulating the natural world. 

I tell everyone in our tribe that…
Running a bountiful homestead is within the reach of ANYBODY…
Here are just some of the questions I get from my tribe every day:

But Jess - don’t I need money to start a homestead? 
The answer is NO.
You can set up and run a homestead for practically nothing. You can get animals & seeds for free through your local community. You can volunteer at greenhouses or farms for bartering. It’s also possible to get free containers, compost and even wild bees for free! The list of homesteading tools & equipment that you can get for free or on the cheap is endless. 

But Jess - don’t I need a lot of space to start a homestead? 
The answer is NO. 
Singapore has one of the highest volumes of gardens per square foot even though space is severely limited. Inside our homesteading community I will share with you 26 foods that take up practically no space to grow. Growing vertical gardens is a cinch! You can also keep bees & chickens in many urban backyards! 

But Jess - don’t I need the right weather/climate to start a homestead? 
The answer is NO. 
No matter where you live, what your soil currently looks like or what kind of climate you are in… I can show you how to provide your own food. You just need to understand a few simple tips and prepare to ensure your success no matter where your garden grows. 

But Jess - don’t I need the right soil to start a homestead? 
The answer is NO. 
There are many ways to help your soil thrive & become healthy. You don’t need to invest in expensive compost. There are many free ways to create your own living, biodiverse soil.
Having your own thriving homestead can be so simple…
Get the homesteading knowledge you need… Inside my close-knit community you’ll get the knowledge you need for everything ‘homesteading’ you can imagine… from building cheap greenhouses to fermenting your own goodies.

Get the support you need... There is nothing quite like being part of a homesteading community for getting the support you need from like-minded people on your homesteading journey.

Save money… You can get practically all your food & medicine from the work of your own two hands. You can save literally thousands on your food and medical bills every year.

Have a healthier lifestyle… There’s no doubt growing your own food is the path to a more abundant life. You get to be in control of your own health and the health of your family.

Achieve your goals of being self-sufficient… There is nothing quite like the feeling of satisfaction you get from growing & gathering your own food. You are not reliant on the government or food companies anymore.
My mission is to help you create the ultimate thriving homestead WITHOUT all the hassle, hurdles and hard work… Saving You Time And Money
Although there are many amazing benefits to running your own homestead, without the right knowledge… it can be a long, hard path.

When I started on my homesteading journey… I made every mistake in the book. Although my mama taught me a lot… there is always more to learn. Not a day goes by that I don't learn something new! 

Without the right guidance, you can end up wasting time and money without getting the results you want. But you really don't need to waste countless resources and way too money working out how to be a homesteader. That's the hard row to hoe! 
Today I’m revealing to you EXACTLY how to live the self-sufficent, homesteading life you’re dreaming of...
  • Without guesswork
  • ​Without mistakes
  • ​Without needless hard work
  • ​Without spending more time than you need to
  • ​Without wasting money
Homesteading Mastery
Your one-stop resource and supportive tribe to empower you to create an amazing homestead.

Inside Homesteading Mastery you will get videos on every conceivable topic, project or problem you could deal with on your homesteading journey. Heck… if there’s not something in our library… we’ll even create the content just for you!

I’m also here to answer any questions you have and support you personally with expert advice for dealing with any problem areas that crop up for you. Here are just some of the homesteading videos you’ll get access to:
Spring Homesteading
  • The almost magic power of permaculture 
  • ​Tending to a living home the right way.
  • ​The secrets of organic gardening for any size homestead 
  • ​Creating your food forest 
  • ​Edibles identification – open your eyes to the abundance of food around you
  • ​The critical elements of cleaning bone & skulls
  • ​The perfect way to build a greenhouse 
  • ​Delicious spring recipes
  • ​The correct way to brain tan
  • ​Incredibly easy ways to create spring ferments 
  • ​Make your own bone needles
  • ​Organic soil preparation – bringing soil to LIFE! 
  • ​Planting charts 
  • ​Mastering the secrets of the ecological garden 
  • ​The quick and easy way to create an egg incubator 
  • ​Aligning with Mother Nature
  • ​How to harvest your natural resources 
  • ​Felting for beginners 
  • ​Cast iron cooking 
  • ​How to build a root cellar 
  • ​Seasonal harvesting guide 
  • ​Planting for poultry 
  • ​Creating the perfect compost pile
Summer Homesteading
  • ​Ethical wild-crafting 
  • ​Easy crop rotation & planting 
  • ​Summer recipe book!
  • ​Salve & lotion making
  • ​Hock skin craft 
  • ​Key strategies for orchard care 
  • ​Summer fermenting guide 
  • ​Beginner’s carpentry
  • ​The insider secrets of meat preservation 
  • ​Apothecary & medicine making  
  • ​The many uses of wool
  • ​Tending sheep, yak & chickens
  • ​17 dandy dandelion recipes 
  • ​How to safely harvest road kill 
  • ​A complete description of cooking over open flame
  • ​Vermiculture
  • ​Best beekeeping practices
 Fall Homesteading
  • How to plant a fall garden 
  • Learn to skin large game 
  • ​Rendering lard 
  • ​Tincture making
  • ​Sewing for beginners
  • ​How to build a sauna 
  • ​Seed saving secrets
  • ​Preserving your foods
  • ​Dehydrating techniques
  • ​Saving money on the homestead
  • ​How to grow veggies all year (no matter what the weather)
 Winter Homesteading
  • The secrets of soap making
  • ​How to make a canned salsa the easy way
  • ​Raising and harvesting clean meat
  • ​How to build a fire
  • ​Wood gathering, splitting and processing
  • ​Cold weather fermentation
  • ​Making bannack
  • ​Candle making
  • ​Sustainable living
  • ​Tending horses
  • ​Bread making made easy
  • ​Leather working for beginners
  • ​How to make a wood-fired hot tub
  • ​Winterizing the coop and chicken care
  • ​Homemade dog food
  • ​Wild sodas
  • ​Herb preservation
  • ​Create a composting toilet
  • ​Fire cider craft
  • ​Easy elderberry syrup making
  • ​Building your emergency kit for livestock

Here's What A Handful Of Our Tribe Thought About Our Awesome Community...

If you are looking for somebody who likes to learn new skills, and teach them to others; and somebody who knows that raising and eating animals can be part of a natural and healthy cycle, but raising and killing animals in a "modern" industrial setting is not, then you need look no further than Jesscy Dean.

Some people, leaders and followers alike, are more interested in comprehending and restoring earth's rulebook than they are in obeying the mainstream playbook... I think those are the people Jesscy seeks in her diverse community.

Becky Weed
13 Mile Lamb & Wool
Springhill, Montana
Hi everybody!

I'm so grateful for Jesscy and her herbal expertise. She made me some wonderful oils and salves that took my chemo headaches from unbearable to completely gone whenever I used them. I am not kidding when I say the potions she gifted me with completely alleviated a lot of the discomfort I had when I was battling cancer. She was so helpful in explaining what was in them and how I should use them for relief. Through her wisdom I was able to make sure I wasn't putting anything toxic in my body while I was literally fighting for my life.

Kim Coleman
Pagosa Springs, Colorado
Jesscy has been taking care of my native plants and organic food gardens for years, not to mention bringing us delicious food to cook and meals to eat from her own garden and from the wild. She's so knowledgeable about all sorts of plants and animals and even knew how to get the ants and pests to find other homes so our gardens could thrive.

Whenever we have a problem around the homestead, she's here to help. She is really great with natural weed control and knows so much about animal husbandry. She also trained my husband's horse for him in his older age.

It's a true joy to visit her land and see how much love and knowledge she pours into her farm. We adore having her bright sunny smile around all the time! She's a one of a kind wealth of knowledge if you're looking to live a sustainable, healthy lifestyle... no matter what size your homestead.

Karma Nelson
EVERYTHING you need to be self-sufficient is now in ONE place
No matter what part of homesteading you’re dealing with… you will find everything you need right here with our tribe. Now is the time to be empowered to:
  • Grow your own food
  • ​Wild-craft foods & medicine ethically
  • ​Be your own herbal resource 
  • ​Live abundantly
  • ​Be a part of a supportive, homesteading tribe
  • ​Work less for a healthier harvest
You will be getting an A-Z roadmap to ensure your homesteading success.
Many of the folks I deal with are overwhelmed. 

They don't know where to start. They are so overloaded by all the information that they aren't sure where the best place is to begin. 

That’s where I can help. I will give you a simple roadmap to follow to go from nothing to running a thriving, bountiful homestead that will support you and your family for years to come.

And rest assured…
ANYONE can use ‘Homesteading Mastery’ to become self-sufficient. 
The information and instruction you will receive in ‘Homesteading Mastery’ is super easy to follow.
  • You don’t need a man or someone stronger to help you make it work
  • ​You don’t need previous knowledge or experience for your homestead to flourish
  • ​You don’t have to have grown up on a homestead to create a healthy lifestyle from the land.
So take a moment and…
Imagine yourself running a thriving homestead…
Moments from now, you can be on your way to running your own successful, self-sufficient life.  

Imagine the pride you'll experience knowing you’re providing your family the healthiest food possible in any circumstances and no matter what the economy is up to. 

… of knowing you’re passing on invaluable skills and knowledge to live as nature intended.

Imagine creating your own sustainable oasis that feeds you and your family.  

Imagine the sense of achievement and safety you’ll feel every day.

You could have a thriving homestead greeting you each morning. 

No matter where you live, you can grow and thrive in your own space.

Imagine discovering life-changing skillsets to be strong and independent.

Imagine having a complete understanding on how to live the natural, healthy, self-sufficient lifestyle you always dreamed of.
Consider it all…
There is no real price you can place on the wealth of knowledge it takes to run a bountiful homestead. 

What price could you put on knowing the following…
  • How to affordably provide clean, healthy food all year long 
  • ​How to grow, harvest & preserve organic & wild foods
  • ​How to be more self-sustainable
  • ​How to ferment for better health
  • ​How to save money and live closer to the land
  • ​How to care for the earth through permaculture
  • ​How to achieve better health through homesteading
  • ​How to raise and hunt healthy meat
This powerful, life changing knowledge has been passed to me through 5 generations. I also have a lot of amazing women contributing their wisdom that have been doing this for’re getting the secrets of independence and survival itself.

That kind of wisdom is priceless. 

However, it costs money to set this information up and pay for advertising and web hosting, video production and other costs… so there has to be some investment here today. 

When I consult with folks on their homesteads or build homesteads for other people, I charge $500 an hour for a consultation. 

And remember - you are getting hundreds of hours of videos and other material and advice straight from the foremost homesteading experts.
But don't worry… you won’t have to invest thousands of dollars today.
Even though an investment of thousands would be worth it many times over.  
This is EXCLUSIVE information.
You will not find many of these skills in your typical Facebook group or anywhere else online. 

This is invaluable information and skillsets passed down through generations.  

As a 5th generation homesteader I know this craft inside out. It’s been my whole life. 

You truly are getting the best information out there.

You know you can trust and implement everything you learn with confidence. 

… and get the support you need for any problems along the way.  We're passionate about our tribe! 
"There's NO REASON for you to miss out on this one-of-a-kind headstart on your homestead"
Here’s what to do now…
If you want to be more self-sufficient and run a bountiful homestead month after month without having to go through the trial and error and expense... invest in ‘Homesteading Mastery’.

You will be given access to the member’s area with your own password and username. 

Inside the member’s area you can watch countless hours of one-of-kind content...and I’m always here for you personally on any issues you are struggling with.

I've made it incredibly easy for you to learn the art and craft of homesteading. Plus...
I'm so confident you'll be able to set up and run a successful homestead, that I'm willing to back up my offer with
Within the next full year if you’re not running a successful homestead after giving my strategies an honest try, or if for any reason you're unsatisfied with the package, simply let me know. You'll receive a complete refund. No questions asked.

You see I'm a no-nonsense person. I'm 100% sure you're going to gain a wealth of information on homesteading you won’t get anywhere else. So I don't mind putting myself on the line to prove that point.
Your investment for this powerful information is only one payment of $197 for lifetime access
When I first started out homesteading, it cost me wa-a-a-ay more than $197 in unnecessary mistakes and trial and error. Now for less than the cost of a week’s groceries for an average family… you can avoid making the same mistakes I made and save thousands of dollars in trial and error and hundreds of hours researching homesteading. 

One or two mistakes when you’re homesteading can send all your efforts up in smoke. It can cost you dearly in months of wasted time and effort.

Don’t let that happen to you.

There's no reason to when you have access to our awesome tribe to support you every step of the way! 
100% Money Back 365 Day Guarantee
You need to act now to secure your spot…
Inside our Homesteading Mastery community - I provide full support to everyone on their homesteading needs. You will never be left alone or wondering what to do next.
I’m here for you - to answer all your questions and give you the support you need to make your own homesteading dreams a reality. 

For that reason - I do have to limit the amount of people who join our tribe. It's so important to me that everyone gets the attention and support I pride myself on.
Just one of my homesteading ideas can pay for your investment 10 times over...
You could put this off and tell yourself - I'll get back to it later, or I'll do it when things are a little slower, but chances are you will forget and find yourself back in the same familiar spot, wondering why you’re always frustrated, or confused on how to create a thriving homestead. And still hungry for all the ancient knowledge on how to homestead like our ancestors did.  

Decide to take charge of your life NOW.  There is great power in commitment. 

Take action now and make the choice to invest a little time each day in creating your new future homestead. By small means are great things achieved. 

You know in your heart what feels right, so take the first simple step now. 

I look forward to helping YOU make your homestead wildly’re worth it!  

Get instant access to Homesteading Mastery

All my wild love,
Jesscy Dean
100% Money Back 365 Day Guarantee
P.S. Remember this offer may expire at any time and the price will be increasing as the community grows… get access to our Homesteading Mastery tribe here… while this offer is still valid. 
100% Money Back 365 Day Guarantee
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